3 Must-Know Things If You Are A Website Designer

Is your business website a huge part of your marketing and sales success? If yes, you are amongst the ones doing really well in the market. As per stats, 81% of shoppers research online before buying and this rate shoot up to 94% when it comes to B2B buyers. For obvious reason, you must have tried really hard to sell products directly from your website and have succeeded as well. But don’t forget that your website is one of your biggest marketing tools.

If you realize exactly how important your website is, you are gradually optimizing your chances to get better yet qualified leads. Optimizing the site totally depends on the existing condition of the website. Just like, sometimes, it may require some tweaks only, or sometimes, it may even require complete revamping. Out of these two, at whichever stage your website is, just make sure to keep these things in mind while taking your site through a new web development phase. So let’s dig in;

3 Must-Know Things If You Are A Website Designer

Don’t Make Trend as Your Priority

Although following trend is must these days since you are competing the tech savvy world but you don’t really need to stick to the trends. For sure, the responsive designs are must but you shouldn’t go for it because it’s trendy. You need to think about how exactly your user will browse it and just visualize the overall experience of your user. And the most important thing to keep in mind that why your user will browse your site even. What your site is about? Is your visitor looking of the location or your contact information? Has he arrived to visit your blog? Or he is just scanning through your services?

Don’t Clutter your New Theme

If you have planned to cluster then new theme with tons of exquisite design elements, just hang on. The more clean, elegant and responsive the layout, the more it’s likely to be visited. So the choice is all your. Most of the designers that aren’t aware of the latest trends, don’t realize that if they add more feature and options to the website, it makes the website heavy and will also take more time to load. As per the stats, the visitor wait only 4 seconds on average for the website to load. If it take more than that, your visitor, who could potentially have been your customer, has gone now.

Design the “Mobile-First”

Even though you might have read this a bazillion times on tons of article online, it bears mentioning again with an additional yet unique perspective. Where most of the people go wrong when it comes to designing the website is their designing priorities. Most of the designer actually create the desktop layout first and then transform it into the mobile version, which is not appropriate especially in this era. Nowadays, the most favorable practice is to design the mobile site first and then cram it into desktop because mobile trend is not only hottest in this market but also it produces required results.  


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