3 Amazing Android Wear Apps To Make Your Life Easier

The popularity of the Android Wear Devices is increasing and thus the demand for apps is also growing. The good news is that if you use android devices, you don’t have to worry about the apps that you want to use because a lot of them are already available on the market. Now the question is how you can find the best apps for your wear that can actually help you with your everyday tasks. Of course, you can’t try each one of them to decide which one would be great for your purpose but if you know some of the best, you can get real advantage from them.

3 Amazing Android Wear Apps To Make Your Life Easier

3 Apps That You Must Use

For your convenience, we have created a list of 3 apps which are best not because they have huge number of consumers but they are really useful and have come variety of features. These are as follow:


No matter if you are a student or professional, you have to create notes every day for variety of reasons and if you don’t have proper way to create such important notes, you have to waste a lot of your time. Now if you have an app in your ware like Evernote see what you can do with it:

  • By giving simple voice command you can create notes
  • You can quickly add list to your wrist in your android watch
  • Simply by taping android watch, shopping lists check off is possible
  • You can see all of the notes that you created recently
  • You can even search for your notes just by using voice command
  • Check out the notes created as per calendar events
  • Add your to-dos on your list
  • And many more


Most people give a lot of importance to track their fitness and if they are wearing android wear the tracking becomes simpler. If they have an app like Runtastic in their device, it can provide them a lot of relief by letting them have full control over features as per their conveniences. See what you can do when you have runtastic app in your android wear:

  • You can easily track activity duration and distance
  • You can see how much calories you have burned
  • You can tack elevation changes to develop a better lifestyle
  • You can reach your fitness goals when you know what you have achieved

No matter if you are trying to improve your overall health or training for winning marathon, this wonderful app can become an ideal guide for you to get your fitness goals and motivation.


If you often have to hire cars for travel to move from one to another place, you might feel it quite irritating to call and book a car every time you need to go somewhere. However, if you have an android wear, you don’t have to get irritated or use your phone to book a car because you can simply install Lyft in your device that will get the car for you on a certain location. See what you can do with this app”:

  • Whenever you need to book a car, you just need to give a voice command like “call me a car” and the car will be booked for you.
  • Just in few minutes, Lyft driver will get the car for you to the saved location
  • You can also share your car with other people who are also traveling on the same route and in this way you can save more than 50% on fair.

Final Words

There are hundreds of other apps for android wears but these three are amazingly useful because of their features and you would surly like to have them to make your simple simpler.

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