2 Scientific Myths That Will Never Be Solved

Do you know when science started? It initiated with our thinking, when we chose to overcome our fears and follow curiosity. Actually no one can just decide for everyone and you are all free to make an opinion. I think, it has to be that moment, when a caveman was throwing a stone at a deer, missed it and the stone hit a rock creating a spark that lighted the dry bushes nearby; the moment man created fire for the first time.

We have come a long way since then. I am typing this informative piece on my laptop that thousands of you are going to read, nothing connecting us but this thin thread of life called Internet. Anyways, let’s not get too touchy, there’s a lot to cover. But isn’t it amazing we know so little about ourselves and this universe. There are places where even science fails to give us a proper answer.

2 Scientific Myths That Will Never Be Solved

Theory of Everything

Where did it all begin? How far back in time – when time itself was just another dimension. Is there a supreme entity that can live outside space and time, away from every dimension?

Quantum physics (standard model) is the most solid source that explains the beginning of our universe as it was just created with a Big Bang, a massive explosion. But what was there before the Big Bang..? No answer.

String theory is another potential resource which defines everything in terms of strings. According to this theory, Big Bang was the result of collision between two membranes (superstrings), but it does not stop here and extends to countless explosions, creating infinite universes in the matrix of eleven dimensions. The most recent theory that attempts to explain our universe, astonishingly, was not proposed by a physicist but a biologist; biocentrism, which says we are that the rest exists. It has actually gathered critical acclaim. Howsoever, the struggle is limited to a whiteboard filled with mathematical formulas which has advanced us in understanding the universe, except how it began… how something came from nothing!

Origins of Life

We don’t know how and why but our universe somehow prefers to live in a more complex state, adding up creases to the fabric of its structure. Since we have not seen any aliens, humans are left the most advanced form of life in the entire visible universe. When Adam and Eve came to Earth they were two and now we are millions, but in the eyes of truth this is not the complete explanation. The most cherished theory is A Supreme Being, but that brings us into direct contradiction against problem number 1; who created him? Raelean followers believe that we were seeded into this planet by highly advanced civilization of aliens. I would say good luck to them.

We would love to believe in evolution, after all, every human being came into essence from a single cell inside his mother’s wombs. The only problem is, zygote cell has a preformed DNA, but how was such a complex code of life was written, when and where? We are all trapped in space and time, bound by our mind, body and sense to absorb so much where our understanding collapses on itself. When we wake up from a dream we feel glad that we have returned to reality, but what is waking us from this reality? We live on carelessly ignoring the most undeniable truth; we know nothing of our own existence.

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